Cameroon:Discussion underway to release Anglophone political prisoners

An unimpeachabl source in Yaounde has informed that secret discussions are currently underway within Etoudi to release all Anglophone  prisoners detained in the maximum security prison of Kondengui Yaoundé.

The regime aims is to use the detained Leaders to help redress the situation in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon i.e, get schools to resume, work with local communities to restore calm, get back to the dialogue table etc.


Meanwhile some Southern Cameroonians say they are ready to throw bullets to any elites or whosoever who dares to praise president Paul Biya for restoring the internet in the two English-speaking regions .

For them, “the internet restoration is not an achievement. It was/is a violation of our fundamental human rights.Restoration of our statehood will be an achievement.”


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