Individuals in possession of forged Cameroonian national identity cards are often arrested by the law enforcement elements and security. In the war against the terrorists of the Islamic sect Boko Haram, an extensive network manufacturing false CNI was dismantled by the security services in Mora far north Cameroon, alafnet understands.

Information relayed by our colleagues in the newspaper “loiel du Sahel”, says a man was arrested August 12, 2015, as he prepared to deliver a certain Modou Valna a Nigerian refugee resident in Mora, a certificate of loss of national identity card. During the search of his home in the neighbourhood Mora Massif, the investigators found an impressive amount of photocopies of national identity cards. The man was also in procession of three CNI and is alleged to be working hand in hand with some corrupt law and order service men.


Still in the far north, a policeman was arrested for having issued nearly 2,600 CNI to members of the Islamic sect fighting against the Cameroonian army. The electoral contests are also a period for the elites to manipulate the electoral register with fake ID from thousands of domestic and foreign. Some even counterfeit ID by making new applications, which are exported to other parts of the country. Today there are so many security problems arising from the manufacture of CNI.

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