CAMEROON:EMPLOYEES OF THE ANTOINE SAMBA CASTLE ARRESTED is getting reports from Yaounde that some employees of the Felix Antione SAMBA CASTLE have been arrested.

A well placed source in the Biya’s regime informs that these arrests occur just a few hours after images and videos of the mansion of the former director of budget castle in nkolandom Yaoundé went viral on the social networks yesterday . The video has aroused anger among Cameroonians who can not understand how  a civil servant can own such a peace of architecture.

Our source also reveals that these images of the Antione SAMBA CASTLE have already been relayed to the Head of State Mr Paul Biya who for 55 years at the top of the administration of Cameroon can not boost of such a building in Cameroon.A building liken to that of the Sultan of Brunei.

In 2013, Antione SAMBA was appointed  director of budget until this year when he was promoted Inspector General to the Ministry of Finance. In the space of four years he has transformed the field of Nkolodom at an unimaginable rate. Confers geolocation below PC





The Samba castle has caused alot of reactions within Cameroon and abroad with many wondering loud how the director of budget of Cameroon managed to finance such a building in a country were many leave below the poverty magine.

While many believe it must be a the fruits of embezzlement, Jean lambert Nang,a native of the same village as Antione SAMBA, a relative of the wife of the head of state spoke in support of his friend  .Immediately after the videos went viral yesterday lambert Nang wrote on his facebook.

Who said that civil servant must remain a naked foot who works only to fatten the others, and that this type of building should be exclusively for nationals of a certain region?” When it is owned by those with renounced names It is good, and great, and when it is the business of others, we leave the bazooka to strafe. The castle of Versailles was not built by a villager … “On the wall of Jean-Bruno Tagne”.

Watch the videos and photos of the Samba castle below.


By Bismark Ebong

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