The case of Baba Ahmadou Danpullo and the people of Esu has just begun,in a statement after the court seesion the Esu people say they will go as far as the UN to resolve this issue.In one of the many which our sister publication  Cameroon-concord too had highted last month which we(alafnet) later added more flesh to the bone by covering from a diffrent angle given the interest from our readers have continued following this development with kind interest for our reader and latest just in is that.FB_IMG_1440613125514

“The high court in Wum, Cameroon today lifted the injunction order that Baba Ahmadou Danpullo had requested to criminalize our brothers, sisters and parent for trespassing in the nearly 10,000 hectares of land he illegally occupies in Esu. Lawyers represent BAD said they would file an appeal. Usu are WAITING and READY.

This favorable court ruling today helps restore the rights of the people of Esu to freely use their land. Anyone who harasses them in any form would be acting in contempt of the court or laws of Cameroon.FB_IMG_1440613130665

This first victory is not the result of money! It is the truth that is prevailing and prevail. This ruling also confirms that there are still honest judges, hard working lawyers who are willing to provide services to Esu even for free.

This is just the starting line,  Usu! Usu, be ready even if you would need to march to Yaoundé, Geneva or New York.

We want to thank all youths of Esu, the wise Fon Kum-a-Chuo II, the many many silent Esu elites in the diaspora and at home , our lawyers (they are not from Esu), The Voice of Esu; Dze-Usu.”

dze esu


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