Cameroon:Fako Youth Council distances itself from Mafany Mosonge

Peter Mafany Mosonge


We the sons and daughters of Fako, under the canopy of Fako Youth Council, hereby distance ourselves from the statements made yesterday by former Prime minister Mr Peter Mafany Mosonge and his collaborators Chief Tabe Tendo,Ebako, Nalova Lyonga, Calvin Noko Mbelle and a host of others, who attended the meeting.

We hereby condemn such statements in the STRONGEST TERMS.

As such statements and utterance does not represent our plight for UNITY in West Cameroons.

We want to make the former prime Minister and his cohort to understand that we the youths of West Cameroon want to make them understand that such words from them make us more strong and united than ever.

And also that, they do not represent us, nor speak as elites of Southwest Region as they claim to be.

They are all liars and a bunch of failure with much shame.

We plead with them to accept the bribe from the Biya Government and stay quiet as others, and stop inciting NORTH AND SOUTH WEST DIVIDE. We’re now wiser than ever, and will never fall into such dubious and shameless acts.

Question to them:

Is Dr Mballa Nkongho, Ayah paul, Chief James Abagma and Tapang Ivo from NW? Mr Mosonge, during your time as PM, please tell us how we, Bakwerians, benefited during your tenure or your own immediate families. For your advice, you can never SPLIT US APART again.

This Struggle is winnable and we shall Win.

SG. Wolete Evelyne
PRO. Ekema Divine.
Mokake Elvis, Elundu Job, Epossi Catherine, Bwanga Elvis, Monono Joseph, Lyonga Ndedi, Njume Jonathan, Basile Ngange..Ngange Romeo.Sepherine Epossi.Mokake Delphine.. Makollo Rita. Tata Kingue..Mbella Roger Njoh Regina. Njoh James..Efeti Josophine.Mbulla joseph. Njoh Emilia Ewara Desmond .Muambo Edward.

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