The general secretary of FIFA has sent a letter to the Chairman of the Standards Committee of the Cameroon Football Federation,on the 27 of July 2015.In which the head of the administration of the governing body of world football FECAFOOT notes that the standardization process that has been going for two years, is regularly disturbed by not always fair awards of the Chamber of Conciliation and arbitration of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon. FIFA threatened to suspend FECAFOOT if the new deadline for the end of the standardization process was not respected.

Four days after the writing of this correspondence, the general secretary of FIFA has received a response where least expected. Indeed, nine members of the Cameroon Football Federation, who have a reputation for being fierce opponents of the current leaders of FECAFOOT, co-signed a letter addressed to the General Secretary of FIFA. In this letter vitriolic, David Mayebi, Abdouraman Hamadou, Mveng Francis, Luc Assamba, Alhaji Alioum Emile Onambele Zibi Balla Ongolo, John Ndeh and Essomba Eyenga have structured their observations in three points to mark their disapproval of the manner in which the Fifa general secretary manages the crisis in FECAFOOT.

in the letter the which could nt get by press time,the authors question the impartiality of FIFA in managing the crisis in FECAFOOT.They threaten to resort to the justice of the Court of Arbitration for Sport if ever, the general secretary of FIFA puts out its threat of suspension.

by akene Jude for 

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