Cameroon :Fake gendarme arrested at the Yaounde Military Hospital..

According to a well-informed source at the gendarmerie brigade Melen, Two weeks ago,22 years old Joseph Ngambi Larivière,  found a trick to trick to steal from  patients admitted at the military hospital of Yaounde. He pretended to be a sick gendarme.

According to, the alleged “fake gendarme”officer used a professional card as well as the shoulder pads of his elder brother, Sub- lieutenant who recently graduated from Emia.

On April 15, he came to the military hospital with a shoulder injury, explaining to the doctors that he was shot while in Ngoumou, a small town in Mefu – And-Akono, Central Region.



Despite the care received, his health deteriorated and he was transferred to the military hospital for a few days of observation. Taking advantage of his sick , he would get up in the night to steal other patients of their money, phones and clothes. Accessories he was going to sell at Avenue Kennedy in Yaoundé .

He was exposed May 3,2017, when the young once again suspected robbing his victims and tried to get out of the hospital at 1am. This attracted the attention of the hospital .


The latter quickly alerted the elements of the brigade Melen, who arrived the scene,searched the young man and found a dozen phones and some clothes in his bag.

It was then that he confessed. The investigation is under way at the aforementioned brigade.

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