Cameroon:Fon Angwafor bangs the door at PM Yang and his delegation

Fon Angwafor III of Mankon has been reliably informed that  a delegation lead by Prime minister Philemon Ebua Yang were completely dishouned  by Angwafor III the fon of Mankon.

The prime minister delegation which is on a mission by the government of  84 years old Biya to bribe traditional rulers to call of strike drove to the Fun’s palace of Mankon at exactly 8pm Yesterday Jan. 7,2017. But to their greatest surprise HRH ANGWAFOR blasted them and told them to go back and solve the people’s problem. They left with shame .


Meanwhile,The Parish Priest (Father Ngome) of the Catholic Church Bonadikombo limbe at Mile 4 today tore a letter sent by the D.O to announce that schools should resume contrary to the Bishop’s instructions. We are told the Priest announced that no parent should send their kid to school. The Priest emphasised that the government must listen to the people’s call and that schools will remain closed til further notice . The Priest says children cannot be raped, beaten, killed and locked up then they expect him to shut up. No way the father fumed. We thank God for the Priest..




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