Former prime minister Chief Ephram Inoni  is going through difficult times at the Kondengui central prison Yaounde.


The one time  Biya allie is getting thinner, depressed, smiles very little and  does not have many friends visiting him in jail even though he  still hopes 85 years old Biya will  release him, reveals Beti born investigatory journalist also author of the book ‘l’avion du president’.  

According to Boris Bertolt, the member of the Central Committee of the CPDM who is also Chief of Bakingili village, near Limbé, in the Southwest Region of Cameroon gets regular visits from a journalist who promised him he would be release to which he regularly pays large sums of money.

Inoni Ephraim still mourns the day he entered Kondengui, From a Prime Minister to being stripped by a female prison guard at the central prison in Yaounde Kondengui on March 16, 2012. He still has not recovered from that episode.  Sick, depressed, the former Secretary of State for Finances on April 9, 1992 and then Deputy Secretary General to the Presidency on November 27, 1992, serving in the latter position until his appointment as prime minister in December 2004 sees his days scratched on a daily basis.

Suspected of corruption during his time in office,Chief  Inoni was arrested on 16 April 2012. This arrest came as part of Operation Epevier (sparrow hawk), an anti-corruption campaign launched by President Paul Biya in 2004. This arrest was in connection with Operation Albatross, over the purchase at great expense in 2003 of the presidential aircraft, which turned out to have serious flaws on its maiden flight with the presidential couple from the Douala International airport to Paris in 2004.


Ephraim Inoni was under interrogation behind closed doors by examining magistrates as part of the judicial process in the case popularly kn owned in Cameroon as the “Albatross Affair”. He was placed under pre-trial detention by the Mfoundi High Court in Yaounde.

Recall that,In the largest carbinet shakeup since Inoni’s own appointment as Prime Minister,Biya dismissed Inoni from his post as prime minister on June 30, 2009, appointing another anglophone, Philémon Yang, to replace him.In decree read over  state radio CRTV President Biya sacked twelve ministers (including Inoni and the defence minister), six joined and three changed places.





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