Cameroon:Governor Lele Lafrique prohibits travellers from getting to & from Bamenda

NW Governor Lele L’afrique is getting reports that the Senior Divisional Officer of Bui has signed an order prohibiting the circulation of cars within the division between 4 – 6 pm today.

The decision came after governor Lele L’afrique  issued instructions prohibiting travellers from getting to and from the capital of the Northwest Region of Bamenda until further notice.




The D.O.s have been instructed to block all movements to Bamenda this morning. According to Martin Fon Yembe the SDF mayor for ndu, “even mayors of North West who had a  meeting today in the North West chief town have been blocked and sent back by  gendarmes and police”.

There is Heavy military presence in Bamenda creating tension to citizens.Youths from Nso purportedly vow to disrupt CPDM planned dialogue in Bamenda today the 27 though December.





In another news, Youth leaders from all divisions in Northwest Cameroon in a meeting yesterday agreed to burn down the palace of any traditional ruler seeking to accept the bribe from the Biya’s regime and call off their youth-led protest, confirmed sources say.

The Youths say they are now very sensitive to any information from all palaces of the region following reports the regime has despatch money to buy the consciousness of traditional rulers.according to youths , the best way to clean the system is to completely burn it — the pile of dirt.”

By Hillman Muntang


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