It is common knowledge that the Hollando-Biya agreement was about Cameroon national ID cards. But why does it have to be a discussion behind closed doors, and why now? Today, there are reports of foreign nationals, especially French errant thugs and suppliers for Boko Haram, holding Cameroon ID cards in Mora. With the Cameroonian Identification Authority DSGN claiming not to know who gave the ID cards to the caught criminals, it suffices to conclude that France now has the right, not only to print, but also to issue citizenship to whoever she deems fit to be a Cameroonian.

According to the newspaper daily mutations, talks began in February when the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius visited the authorities of the country insisting on “the sensitivity of the subject.” Hollande’s visit in July was then to finalize matters. This explains why the DSGN, who had initially refused to renew France’s contract in printing the cards, said that “the new agreement was given by the Head of State”.

According to sources, Indra, a Spanish company had agreed to do the job for a lesser price. Negotiations were already mature. Only the stage of signing contracts was left. But apparently, the bully (France) heard of Cameroon’s tip-toe into Spain to finalize issues, jumped up from bed, and decided to make the July visit while firing warning shots and blasting suicide bombers, in case things go wrong in this multi million dollar money matter and the subsequent deals. Gemalto, a french company  is now the technical operator of the Cameroonian national security system. Just when we thought we are taking one step forward, we instead took two steps back with Boko Haram stuck on our backs.That’s how capitalism works. The way I see it, Africa needs unity first, then true independence, before we can gain any form of respect or green card to compete on the global table.

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