Cameroon:Hon .Wirba explains his planned restitution of parliamentry proceedings to the people

SDF member of parliament for Bui south, Wirba Joseph Mbiydzenyuy.






In an audio message sent to news desk ,Hon. Wirba Joseph Mbiydzenyuy,says in his capacity as the Parliamentarian for Bui south in the North West region,he has written to the DO for kumbo central informing him that as a member of parliament of Cameroon he will be re-stituting what took placed in parliament and why he took the stand he took during the last parliamentary session.”Our people desire to know” he says.

The  Cameroonian Parliamentarian was reffering to the events on the  video below in which he defied house speaker to x-ray the Anglophone problem.

The PM for bui south says he is a believer of the West Cameroonian identity, will be at kumbo sq from 12 noon at 14th of January,2017 ,to give pronouncement to the people on what took place at the national assembly. “nobody weither in government should stop them for asking what is their”,Wirba said.
“we are assembling in peace to tell the world that we desire a certain right, our dignity also want to people of Bui, to join him to prove to the world that what the pronouncement i made at the national assembly was theirs not mine “adding that he was the people voice.
Hon. Wirba invites all son and daughters of West Cameroon and Bui imparticular to come and join voices to say we can not be slaves in our own country .
The SDF Member of parliament frowns that” the Anglophone culture has been erased by more than 50 percent and we cant allowed our children to be the ones to change it” .according Joseph Wirba the time to change it is now .


Hon. Wirba’s letter to DO dated the 10th of January,2017.
The re-stitution of parliamentary proceedings by Hon.Wirba is expected to be crowd pulling.Recall that Hon Wirba Joseph Received a triumphant entry at his home town after defending the Interest of the Anglophones. in his own words”The people of West Cameroon have a duty to resist your oppression in West Cameroon ” And if you have to take it by force you can…………
By Hillam Muntang



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