Cameroon:Hon.Wirba fires again; warns “overzealous” activists abroad of “trying to dictate the pace of our struggle from the comfort of Western Capitals”.

The Hon member of Cameroons lower house of parliament who rose to prominence when he rubbished the government of Cameroon in an unprecedented show of legislative defiance weeks ago, has lashed out at some diaporans activist coordination strike home in very strong terms.

Reacting to the fact that his name was included in a suppose peaceful march in Buea on the 2nd of January which never held, and his same being “soiled by Divisional officer of Buea though radio announcements” the famous MP gave a sharp rebuke to those who included his name and cause him embarrassment saying despite the fact that he advised them that “that proper preparations could be done by those on the ground, they naively refused”

Hon Wirba went accused accusing what he termed “overzeadisbelief. g men” of shooting them in the foot and caution them tolisten to those at home who bears the pain since most of them are resting on their comforts of western capitals the Mp said.

“In my humble opinion, they literally shot our course on the foot! This should serve as a warning to them, that when we at home toil to take our course forward, they should desist from trying to dictate the pace of our struggle from the comfort of Western Capitals.”

He however made it clear that they are working tirelessly “to prepare our people for the peaceful resistance to 55 years of oppression that will free us, so that we can live in the dignity we truly deserve” he concluded in a scathing post that has left many in disbelief.

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