In an interview with the daily Le Messager this Friday, August 21, 2015, Petit Pays spoke about the security situation in Cameroon marked by the Boko Haram threat which is decimating populations and creates panic in the
In response to a question by a reporter on initiative to raise awareness against the Islamic sect book haram,
Adolphe Claude Alexandre Moundi expressed support for such an initiative. In his own words,” but I expect that the Head of State to invite me, let him call me and give me instructions to follow. I do not want be like everyone else does from left to right. As a leader, I expect our head of state to invite me, give me the authority and my place and I will,” says the musician.
With kind interest, the cover of his latest album, “upper class”, Cameroon’s best selling artist and author of this album is holding a Koran. Petit pays in the interview refuse to explain his choice of that cover photo insisting that

“For now, I leave to everyone to reason it his or her own way but time will come for to explain it, “says Petit Pays.
Regarding a possible entry into government, says
The Cameroon music icon said he is not interested in a cabinet position.” I will refuse because it is not like me. He added.
I do not reason in the same light as minister who scrupulously respects the Head of State’s ideas. That certainly will not go down well with Biya so he will get angry. Have you ever seen a minister in a skirt and high heels?,Or a minister who give concerts around the world? In short my fans are used to seeing me in my outfits. I prefer to stay that way “, says Petit Pays. And talking about what he will like to if he has the means he said “I need a modern studio with powerful machines, editing software and manufacturing reliable Compact disk that will be the number one in Cameroon .In Senegal Mr. Youssou Ndour received to support to put up such a structure “, Adolphe Claude Alexandre Moundi aka Petit Pays concluded.

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