Cameroonian army now has 35 generals



The number of Cameroonian general has increased thanks to the decrees signed August 13, 2015 by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. They are now 35 senior officers that cap and lead national defense forces. Cameroon had only 30 before the appointment which on Thursday afternoon.Generals Bouba Dobekreo, Simon Ezo’o Mvondo Jacob Kodji Frederick Djonkep and Valere Nka complete the list already constituted of senior officers in active or reserve of the Republic. The last mentioned category is the second section of the general officers. Retired army that no longer intervene in cases of great necessity, of which Army General Peter Semengue, Corps General John Nganso Sunji and Oumaroudjam Yaya and Major General James Tabe Tataw.are included.

This new wave of promotions since  that of 2011″This is the largest wave of promotion of general officers in the army Cameroonian with a dozen colonels and higher captains or appointed on the same day. The list of the appointed include;

The general list of the Cameroonian army

1-Rene Claude Meka General Corps, Chief of Staff of the Armed

2 Major General Laurent-Claude Angouan’d

3 General Ivo Desancio-division Yenwo

4 Major General Simon-Pierre Dagafounangsou

5-Major General Isidore Obama

6-General Baba Souley Division, Chief of Staff of the Army

7-General Camille Nkoa Atenga Division, Comptroller General of the Armies

8-General Benedict Asso’o Emane division

9 General Jean-René Youmba

10-Major General Pierre Samobo

11-Major General Philippe Mpay

12-Major General Martin Tumenta Chomu

13-Vice Admiral William Ngouah Ngally, Inspector General of the Armed

14. Major General Saly Mohamadou

15- General Hector Marie Tchemo division

16-Major General Isaiah Ngambou

 Aerial Brigadier-General John Calvin 17 Momha, Chief of Staff of the Air Force

18-General Air Commodore Emmanuel Amougou

19-Brigadier Hypolite Ebaka

20-General Daniel clamping Njock Elokobi

21-Brigadier Doualla Massango

22-Brigadier General Ahmad Mahamat

23-Rear Admiral Jean Mendoua, Chief of Staff of the army navy

24-Rear Admiral Joseph Fouda

25-Rear Admiral Jean-Pierre Nsola

26-Rear Admiral Peter Njine Djonkam

27- Brigadier General Buba Dobekreo

28- Brigadier Simon Ezo’o Mvondo

29- Brigadier General Jacob Kodji

30- Brigadier General Frederick Djonkep

31- Brigadier Valere Nka

Second section of general officers frames

1-Army General Peter Semengue

2-General corps Nganso Sunji

3-General corps Oumaroudjam Yaya

4-Major General James Tabe Tataw

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