Cameroonians in Ireland to protest infront of UK Embassy tomorrow

All Cameroonians in Ireland are reportedly planning a protest Friday 2nd of December, 2016 infront of the British Embassy in Dublin ,following the gross violations of human rights committed by soldiers and police in Anglophone Cameroon.

Protest organisers say their Aim is to pass a massage through Southern Cameroons British colonial master to the Cameroonian tyrant president Paul Biya, that enough is enough.

According to plagcards and portals already printed to grace the demonstration filtered to they read ” We say no to violence, brutality, barbarism, marshal law,rapes and killings taking place in Anglophone Cameroon.

Protest organisers say it is a joint Anglophone and Francophone peaceful protest.

Already, many French speaking Cameroonians have aslo voiced concerns about the treatment given to their Anglophone brothers  in the events which took place in bamenda and Buea recently.

In a video that went viral this morning a Francophone whose name got as Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou,said” Paul Biya is provoking a genocide on Anglophones.

She strongly calls on all Francophones to support Anglophones,warning that the country ruled by Mr Biya, 34 years in power is now on the brink of a collapse.

Cameroon would experience a civil war soon,she predicted

By Evangeline Sih

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