Cameroonians In South Africa win Embassy in Court for Trying to Prevent Anglophone Protest march .


Cameroonians in South Africa took their Embassy to Gauteng High Court for trying to Prevent their Protest today in a country where Peaceful protests remains the other of the day as Protesters always sing, dance no one brutalises them.

According to one of the Cameroonian protest organisers,Milton Taka, they had authorization to protest today Dec 14, at Cameroon Embassy in Pretria, the British and French Embassies and on 13th of December,2016, the Cameroonians were informed that the embassy through one of its officials Mr Fotabong had allegedly influenced the police not to allow the protest take place.




It is for this reason Cameroonians in South Africa took the Cameroon High Commission to the Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg to obtain a court interdict that overturns the gesticulations of the embassy officials.

While wrapping up discussions with court officials the Cameroonians, who have been assembling in areas like Hiilbrow, Bramfontein, Germiston and other areas have vowed to carry on with their protest as planned.

The Metropolitan police is expected to simply accompany the demonstrators from start to the end of the protests.

By Slomon Amabo




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