The unexplainable and mysterious deaths in recent times in Dschnag may be coming to its end. Though many residents of this town are unwilling to make statements on this sensitive issue most of them do recognize the fact that, the capital of Menoua division (West Region Cameroon) would inevitably know the full story in the coming days.
Alafnet is reporting that police in Menoua Division, is investigating and are succeeding in dismantling a sect that would be central to all this ritual crimes experienced by the people of Dschang and its environs. During this weekend they arrested 20 businessmen and some suspects are on the run.
The investigation by the police was accelerated after the death of 5 years old Oriol Fotso on 3 August. Oriol Fotso’s remains were hanged near a building under construction at Tchoualé neighbourhood.
Following his death Gildas Wamba, a carpenter by profession, was immediately suspected as the man behind this ritual killing.
As manhunt of Gildas continued, he was later found in a health centre in Dschang, at the bedside of his wife who had just given birth by caesarean section. He started confessing stating rather that the murder of this child was in accordance with ritual requirements of a “meeting” which included his father, he claims Eric Mekontchou.,Oroil’s father will denial killing his son.
Gildas Wamba also gave the names of all those who are part of this sect during investigation. And many of the names in the list are successful businessmen well known in the city of Dschang.

After several days, investigators have finally had a break through and on Friday 21 August, caught and imprisoned some suspects in Dschang prison on order of the state prosecutor. Amongst them include; a retailer specialized in food, another specialized in drink sale, an owner of a hardware store, a cable company, an electronics shop owner, a travel agency owner and his branch manager. At news time the last two had been released on bail.As revelations from the architect of the latest crime killing (of Oroil) continued police are now leaving any stone unturned to track down these allege ritual criminals. We understand, the security services have a list of about twenty names most of which are businessmen based in Dschang.
The people of Dschang have appreciated this latest arrest, with one resident saying with relieve that “It was necessary that the police take the courage to track down these men regardless of their social status,” His relief follows the fear that haunted them until then. “I must admit that when you lose your child 15 minutes after, the fear begins. Because it seems that these people have the gift of ubiquity, “he adds.

In another report, a few weeks a head teacher was caught having sex with a man lady just around lake Dschang,he managed to lay her in to his car and it was only by chance that a ‘benskinner’ discovered them in uncompromising position in his car.
He motorcyclist wonder aloud why a man dressed in suit and nice car would want to have sex but with a mad lady. Adding this to these ritual killings mentioned above Dscahng is once again making news headlines with these sects.
by komemi bertine

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