The defence laywers of Iya Mohamed made their submissions on august 20,2015,

From the speech of Mr. Balla Balamaken and Manasse, we note that: “All 4 accusations brought against our client, no physical evidence was provided throughout the process, “the judges are seeking the advice of the former Director General of Sodecoton. To confuse the prosecution, the defence had to provide answers point by point the charges against Mohammed Iya.

At the start of their defence, the defense lawyers had to challenge the charge of “in wages recieved” made against their client. Adding that all salaries to the former CEO were established with the approval of the Administrative Board of the company.

An argument which was confirmed by Louis Zanga Eyéya, chairman Sodecoton just in time when he appeared before the bar April 14, 2015. On the same issue, the defence noted that the salary Iya Mohammed, until he left the company in 2012 for the past thirty years, was capped at 1.2 million CFA francs. But the current Director General, Abdou Namba, barely who bearly arrived has increased his salary to 4.2 million CFA francs.

Other accusation, that came in to this procedure was about, Coton Sport football club .in this case Iya Mohammed is accused to be the owner of this football team and engaging finances Sodecoton the benefit of that club. The defence pointed out that since the departure of Mohammed Iya from Sodecoton, the company continue to be involved in the management of Coton Sport. Pointing out for that during an Extraordinary General Meeting held in 2015, the GM of Sodecoton had to formalize the withdrawal of the company’s shareholder from Coton Sport by this the defence said it proofs that the Garoua team was not Iya’s the former general managers property as claimed by the prosecution. In addition,Cameroon will reply on the investement from cotton sport complex to organize CAN 2016 and 2019, a complex which is partly funded by Sodecoton. “This trial is related to him refusal to leave FECAFOOT, it is a political trial against Iya mohamed.

In Garoua and even throughout the Far North, people pray for him. This is a gentleman that we will always regret. Since those bent on destroying and condemning him are still working hard to achieve their goal, for us, he will always be innocent, “says André Yaoussou, a resident of Roumdé-Adjia in Garoua.

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