Cameroon:lebialem people protest against bad state roads

According to a post by Nkem Quetin, understands that the people of lebialem  came out in their numbers in a peaceful protest on the 1st of December, 2016 to demonstrate on the  bad state of roads in their area which has been the major problem  them

Following the streets protest  ,some onlookers who frowned at the degree of marginalisation on lebialem say it is now time to reject this Biya’s government in all its forms.

adding that the regime has abandoned us, collectively let us abandon it in turn”.

For Mopao Enow,Lebialem has every reason to reject this failed regime which has managed the country for over thirty years but fail to appoint a single minister from lebialen, no major roads, no farm to market roads  despite their loyalty.Is time to vomits these CPDM regime and embrace the fight to decolonise and restore our statehood. British southern Cameroon.

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