Cameroon:Lieut Col. Mboutou’s promotion blocked ,assigned to Garoua airbase

Lieutenant Colonel Joel Ghislain Mboutou Ele

Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou’s fate  is now known .According to many sources the news about this senior officer of the Cameroonian army has been very daming.

But information reaching from a source close to the matter, says Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou will simply leave “his post of the military attaché at the Embassy of Cameroon in Morocco and has been posted on the proposal of Chief of Staff of the Air Force (the body of origin) to the Garoua military airbase.

According to the same source, after the award of grades by the military Committee charged with grading officers meeting on Tuesday under the supervision of the Minister of Defense, members were divided over the fate of this superior officer.

Some present  demanded his dismissal while others felt that to date there is no evidence against him insofar as he has neither been interviewed nor arrested despite all the  alleged case that French security arrested him in France with more than 1.4billion fcfa in his keeping .

Finally,it was decided that the promotion of Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou, which was to go to colonel in January, has been blocked, according to investigative journalist Boris Bertolt, on instructions from the Presidency of the Republic.

Ghislain Mboutou Ele

Recall that Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou was convened in Yaounde “on the instructions of Paul Biya,” last November. This summons, according to local press followed his arrest in Paris last April in possession of a large sum of money that was intended for the acquisition of real property for the current Minister of Transport.

Edmond Tambe  .



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