Born on the 20th of February 1954 at Babungo village, Ngoketunjia Division, Late Major General Tumenta had his First School Leaving Certificate at the Government Primary School Ndop in 1967, G.C.E Ordinary Level at the Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bali and his G.C.E Advanced Level in the Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology (CCAST) Bambili. He enrolled in the faculty of Science, University of Yaounde in 1974/1975 to study Mathematics and Physics. He passed the entrance into the Combined Military Academy (EMIA) in 1975 and graduated from the academy and was posted to the Air Borne Battalion (BTAP) In Koutaba, where from 1977 – 1991 he commanded the 1st and 2nd airborne companies and the airborne instruction and support company (CLEAS). In between time he was posted to the Military Academy from 1981 – 1984 to train the “Bravour and Perseverance” Batch. From 1991 – 1992 he served as Technical Adviser to the Minister of Defense. In 1992 he was posted back to the military Academy as commander of the Basic Training Division. The post he held till 1996. From 1996 – 1999, he commanded the Cameroon Defense Forces (NCO) Training Centre (CPEFAN) in Ngaoundal. from 1999 – 2001, he served in the Army Head Quarters Yaounde as G3. 2001 – 2005, Commander of “Operation Delta” during the Bakassi Peninsular crisis. 2005 – 2010, he served in the 3rd Joint Military Region Garoua, first as the operation Assistant to the General, Region Commander and later as Chief of Staff. 2010 – 2011, he was appointed Director of Human Resources in the Ministry of Defense Yaounde. 2011 – 2013, Commander of the 3rd Military Region Garoua from where he was appointed to command the MISCA forces at the height of the Republic of Central African Crisis. This was later transformed to MINUSCA when the United Nations took over and he became its first Force Commander. The post he held until 30th November 2015 when he left our physical world.


Major General Martin Tumenta in 1978 was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, in 1980 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, in 1985 promoted to the rank of Captain, in 1992 promoted to the rank of Major, in 1997 promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel, in 2000 promoted to rank of Colonel, in 2011, promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and in 2014 promoted to the rank of Major General


He has received many decorations among which are Medal of merit of the Armed Forces and Police, Knight of Cameroonian merits, Cameroonian Merit Officer, Commander of Cameroon merit, Knight of the order of Valour, Officer of the Order of Valour, Commander of the order of Valour, Cross of the military order of Valour, Grand Cordon of the Cameroon order of merit.hjjFB_IMG_1454829692237BIYAbiya1

His Hobbies included Reading, Listening to news, Listening to Music, Plays table tennis, Volley Ball and squash.

In a tribute to her husband, the wife had this to say “I will not grieve for you for now you are free. You are following the Path God laid for you, He took your hand when you call upon him that faithful day that you want to rest he heard your cry. You could not stay another day to laugh, to love, to work, as you love working but you found that place the early hours in the morning. Best Boh (BB) your passing has left a VOID that no one can fill. I miss your jokes, friendship shared, laugh, love kindness. Ah these things I too will miss but God wanted you now to set you free. No one can fill you vacant place. The Children and I will miss you more as long as life and memory last. May the Almighty God Grant you perfect peace till we meet to part no more”. 



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