Cameroon:Mamfe Lawyers Association Rejects Yang’s Commission,set 9 strict conditions for dialogue

Common law lawyers

After North West law lawyers,Mamfe Lawyers Association( MALA)has also rubbished  the Yang’s Commission.In a press released 24 th of December of which obtained a copy ,the Mamfe law lawyers association which constitutes part of the Common law layers of Cameroon set out nine strict conditions to the government of La Republique du Cameroun. Amongst others MALA say before any dialogue all Southern Cameroonians must be released and calls for Bamenda or Buea to be the venue of dialogue. Read full press release signed by the Vice-president of MALA -J .N .Ntuiabane






At an emergency meeting of Mamfe lawyers association(MALA) held today 24 th of December,2016 and presided over by the Vice president on a one term agenda to wit:The Prime Ministers commission constituted to look in the problems of Cameroon Common law lawyers,the following resolutions were arrived at:

  • MALA notes with utmost dismay the traditional divide and rule method of the government exhibited in the constitution id the commission which leaves out two if our four leaders practically the President if FAKLA and MELA from the commission. MALA’s position is that the two leaders left out be included.
  • That the leaders of our four association should meet immediately and come out with a resolution on the issue.
  • we see bad faith in the side of government by choosing who thise to speak for us instead of asking the common law lawyers to build it’s delegation to the talk.
  • That Yaounde as a venue for the talks is inappropriate. Buea or Bamenda should be the venue(Buea more us more central.
  • That government should release all southern Cameroonians detained as a pre-requisite to any such talks.








  • That Bar. Amazee Anthony and his wife Manka’a included in the commission had exhibited their stance,which is unhealthy to the Common law lawyers and that they should be unconditionally excluded from the commission as thy can not speak the minds of Cameroon common law layers.
  • That the flooding of the commission with a member of francophones law lawyers,when the problems are strictly Anglophones,is a bad signal.
  • That the two leaders who have been invited at the commission should attend the commission on the first day only to raise a preliminary objection articulating the above points and then stage a walk out.
  • That the issues as of now are no longer peculiar to the law lawyers and so the consortium be put at tge fore-front of every discussion with the government.
    Done at Mamfe 24th of Dec.2016
    J N Ntuiabane,esq
    Vice President MALA.

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