Cameroon:Man beaten on his wedding day in Ngaoundere

Photo d’archive utilisée juste à titre d’illustration

Abdou will always remember what happened to him on January 27, 2016, the day of his customary marriage.

The 29-year-old man was beaten that day, a few minutes before the festivities, bh his longtime partner, Raissa. This was after he united with his new partner after a three-month relationship.

The scene took place near the Aoudi district in Ngaoundere.

Indeed, Abdou and Raissa enjoyed a beautiful love story for six years. He had promised her “heaven and earth” during the six years. However, he never met Raissa’s parents.

Three months ago he started an amorous affair with another woman.

He immediately fell under her spell and decided to marry her. Raissa then approached her longtime partner for clarification, but the man remained lips sealed.

Source:l’oiel du sahel

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