Disgraced former Secretary General at presidency of the Republic of Cameroon Marafa Hamidou Yaya who is currently in prision has made his position clear on the issue of polygamy on his blog published July 30 on .The former Cameroon minister of Territorial Administration,also one time secretary general at the presidency of the Republic lambasted on the recent bloody attacks by Islamist sect Boko Haram, who used women as suicide bombers.

former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic incarcerated the plight of the women. 

These women Marafa says should have the desire to learn, dream to be independent and build a family in which they will be equals of their husbands. Citing the two Succide attacks in Maroua far north Cameroon where young girls,some of whom live by begging on the streets,

Marafa thinks it stems from an undoubted desperate realization that none of these drwams will come true for them, which prompted them to this bloody and barbaric ideology.

Marafa Hamidou Yaya a Muslim, took a rare political position by sudjesting that Cameroon should abolish polygamy.Hamidou Yaya who also champion as former Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization adds that the draft law on the Family Code must be immediately adopted. 

 Barrister Ntiga, a lawyer of the Cameroon Bar, understands sees the  issue of polygamy as quite complex in the Cameroonian context. “Polygamy, he says, has sociological aspects to be taken into account. How will you do for a lamido or a traditional chief admits he no longer has the right to marry as many wives as he wants?Florence Fama Zang of the women’s association and progress, believe that the position of Marafa Hamidou Yaya is  courageous and unique. “she (Florence Zang)says What Marafa also say clearly against polygamy can not be discarded. Not only because of his politician sense but also because of his(Hamidou Yaya’s)origin,which is a region where many are polygamous.

It is very courageous for him to take such a position knowing that his opinion will go down with the men.on the other hand he will get many votes from women many of whom believe that polygamy is a practice that has no place in a modern society. “Two forms of marriage are recognized by Cameroonian law: monogamy and polygamy. And the choice of marriage type belongs exclusively to the man.

a clear manifestation of inequality between man and woman. According to Fama Florence,“The 1981 Ordinance on Civil Status in Cameroon is now outdated, Cameroon has the obligation to dock with the international legal instruments that promote gender equality she continues that’s this issue should be addressed. 

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