Cameroon:MORISC merges with the Consortium in the same Houston, Texas, congress on march 11

After nine hours of our closed door meeting — held incommunicado — by the Consortium and other key freedom fighting leaders including Boh Hebert of MORISC, all leaders agreed on the following:

The Houston Congress organized by both MORISC and Consortium would be merged into the same venue, location and time. And that means MORISC will be joining the Consortium in the Consortium’s venue at “2810 Link Rd. Houston.”

MORISC would be throwing its big weight behind the Consortium on March 11, today, and assisting the Consortium in several aspects including raising funds for the Consortium.

After all southern Cameroonians close up from the Consortium Congress. We shall be moving to the MORISC venue to end up the evening on a much more lighter and friendly mood.

The relationship between the Consortium and MORISC is stronger and both interim leaders and its spokesperson have again reaffirmed their friendly relationship of cooperation, understanding, empathy and the advancement of freedom for our people.

This first official outing of the Consortium in North America on March 10, as earlier announced has recorded a 1000 percent success.

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