Cameroon:Over 232 ELECAM staffs have fake diplomas

ELECAM office Bastos Yaounde is getting reports that Two hundred thirty-two (232) agents with fake degrees have  been uncovered within ELECAM (Elections Cameroon), the body in charge of electoral process.


Of the 232 officers, thirty-six (36) are in the Far North, eight (8) in the north, fifty-seven (57) in the Center region and the rest secatrred in other regions of the country.


The ELECAM fake degrees holders were discovered during an evaluation commission of training provided abroad.

A situation that casts doubt on the ethical level of agents of ELECAM and the institution in charge of the electoral process in Cameroon.


In Cameroon, the race for fake degrees has become a common practiced with the Government taking a fear share of the blame by its recruitment process.

Holder’s of this fake diplomas have been recruited within the Cameroonian police and even the administration or in countries that do not have a device to verify  diplomas issued in Cameroon

By Edmond Tambe.




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