A statement issued yesterday by the Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon, Martin Belinga Eboutou, states that President Biya left Yaounde sunday morning in the company of his wife, Chantal, for a short private stay in Europe.

Unless otherwise credible sources say Mr Biya flew specifically to Germany. as if to conform this, before boarding his aircraft, the Chief Executive met with the new German Ambassador to Cameroon, Klaus-Ludwig Keferstein. In diplomatic sense, that is a strong indicator of the destination.sejour_prive_16.08.2015_full

Observers think that following their (biya and wife) last visits to Geneva, Paris and Brussels, which was marked by some protest at by hotel and news paper stories on his health, this time Paul and Chantal Biya decided to change their country of readers should recall that On 15 March 2015 in Switzerland, Biya had an unexpected visit from Brice Nitcheu and Emmanuel Kemta, two Cameroonian activists from a Cameroonian pressure group based in Europe.

Using a loud speak with under believable noise, chanting anti-Biya slogans;

“Hello! We came here to tell Paul Biya to get out off this hotel … the people of Cameroon, are suffering and Biya is just throwing money here away … Mr. Biya, leave this hotel and go to Cameroon and take care of the war you declared.”

On the other hand, the choice of Biya destination this time around appears to be very strategic as he can during his stay make contact with contacts with German investors given that trade between Cameroon and Germany has increased an effort to improve billiteral relations quit recent in

April 16, 2015,biya received at the state house Günter Nooke, Personal Representative for Africa of Chancellor Angela Merkel.Nooke in facing the press at state house Etoudi promised, greater support from his country in addition to the significant support provided in the fight against Islamic sect Boko Haram. He also announced the donation of about 16 million euros to improve our health system in Cameroon.

That said the question many Cameroonians are asking is if at a time of total insecurity if it’s a right time for the head of state to have leisure trips while Cameroonian soldier face with threads of book haram. Is he really the commander in chief of arm force if yes does he think of moral and psychological impact of his absence to those at the war front?

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