Cameroon:Petit Pays rejects Mayor Ekema’s invitation to Perform in Buea.

Adolphe Claude Moundi alias Petit-Pays

Renounce Cameroonian musician Adolphe Claude Moundi alias Petit-Pays has cancelled Buea trip which was schedule for tomorrow.


Petite Pays who was invited by Mayor of Buea , Patrick Ekema Esunge to his end of year show on December 31st where Biya speech was scheduled to be played on large screen has cancelled the event.

His USA-Atlanta  based manager Eyong Ebot Moh Kukuri,who confirmed the news says the artist was not aware of the gravity of situation in Southern Cameroons. The Anglophones at home  and in the diaspora had called and pressured the Manager of Petit Pays that they will boycott all event of the artist abroad should he accept the invitation of Ekema.

The news which is huge blow to the Mayor and those of the CPDM regime who have sold their consciences as they continue to try to blind the world of the reality of the Anglophone problem.

We are told Petit Pays will hand the money paid already back to Mayor Patrick  Ekema .

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