The time for talking is over. Let us not be deceived by our colonial master’s propaganda machinery – The CRTV. Our leaders are still in jail, our people killed, kidnapped, tortured, raped and maimed, and all we’re doing is spend precious time arguing about the African Nations Cup. We are bigger and better than this.

First things First…………

The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium represents the People of West Cameroon and anyone speaking against the Consortium is speaking against the millions of disadvantaged and vulnerable people of West Cameroon.

No individual or group of individuals is bigger than the people, not even the colonial government of La Republique. Please, let’s put this issue to rest once and for all.

No denomination in West Cameroon.…be it Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Full Gospel (not exclusively) has the right to call off our Passive Resistance Campaign without the approval of the people’s foremost ideologue – The Consortium.

Our strike action is immensely successful. That’s why the Colonial government of La Republique is responding with unrestrained brutality.

This is the spark that should convince all of us that freedom would only come from forging a broad-based Defiance Campaign Network – contemporary the largest of Liberation movements. This will increase the stature of the Consortium and change the nature of our freedom struggle for ever.

Therefore, pivotal to the Defiance Campaign is our Programme of Action:

A robust call by the Consortium for the withdrawal from Yaoundé of all our elected Members of Parliament and Senators. Remember this cannot be done in isolation. A dateline must be set. The only reason why they are in Yaoundé is because of us the people. We must stop giving legitimacy to a colonial government that’s killing, raping and arresting our people.

We must not forget that in 1953, at the height of discrimination in the Enugu Assembly, it was the withdrawal of our elected Representatives under the leadership of Dr E.M.L. Endeley which led to the establishment of the Autonomous Statehood for Southern Cameroons which La Republique has reduced to a minority-hood (North West and South West Regions).

It’s time we call on one of the most influential leaders of our liberation struggle…Hon Wirba to defy the colonial administration in Kumbo and organise huge rallies and speak to our people every week.

In the early 90s, we did it in Bda without mobile phones. The Chairman’s resistance was surrounded by thousands of peaceful people including “Takumbeng”.
All roads to the Chairman’s resistance were blocked with rocks, huge fallen trees, dumped cars etc,…..with at least 25 check points when Forchive’s agents tried to take the Chairman.

We can do it again. The great people of Nso has proven that Kumbo can become the epicentre of our resistance.

We advocate for the creation of street-based cell structures across West Cameroon. We must become our sisters / brothers’ keeper and our neighbours’ keeper.

Young people should coordinate efforts and be the eyes on the streets against privilege slaves, and traitors that are being coerced by La Republique against our collective success .

Every “Njangi” House should have a say. Every Church, Mosque, Work Place and Business site must be active in the Defiance network. Even inside the Police Units and the Military. Our people must defy orders to kill our own. Help our brothers and sisters elude arrest and leak vital information that can save a life.

The Diaspora must devise a contingency plan for any eventuality. These should include a sit-down strike action in front of all Cameroon Embassies and Missions abroad. Our people would have to camp outside the embassies until our demands are met. Identify every West Cameroonian in your State, Canton, Region etc and ensure they play an active role. We have a collective duty and a responsibility bestowed on us by our parents and grandparents.

The Diaspora must coordinate efforts, share intelligence and plan accordingly to ensure that no senior official in the colonial government of La Republique travels freely outside Cameroon. Identify all their contacts abroad and act accordingly to bring much pressure to them at home.

Above all else, we welcome the suggestion of Mark Bareta, for the diaspora to take its place and start thinking of providing satellite internet to our people in West Cameroon whether the colonial government of La Republique brings internet or not.

West Cameroon engineers abroad, please contact [email protected] on this project and how it can be done.

NEVER AGAIN Youth Day Celebration in West Cameroon. 11th February is Plebiscite Day.

As announced by The Consortium, there shall be ghost towns on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th February in all the nooks and crannies of West Cameroon.
The Wirba Resistance.

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