Photo of Nso indigenous rallied round the palace blocking all the outlets from the palace that traditionally the fon is supposed to stay indoors after Ngonso festival that just ended barely days ago.


Reliable sources confirm that Colonial Prime Minister Philemon Ebua Yang has been blocked from meeting Thursday with the traditional ruler of Nso HRH S. Mbinglo. Hundreds of youths have surrounded the palace to prevent their Fon from leaving the fondom following the Ngonso festival.

Longsha, an eyewitness, told me on the phone that PM seeks to persuade the respected ruler to call off the strike and send children to school on Monday. However, the population disagrees with Yang’s agenda.

In recent weeks, violent clashes erupted in Bamenda killing one Nso citizen. “This is a huge provocation,” Nyang Terence told me.






” We cannot go to school when we have not been given dialogue on Federalism or Secession. We must resist,” he writes to me.

Kumbo has a history of resistance and has always stood up against dubious colonial practices from both colonial masters — Britain, Germany and La Republique. In the past few decades, a colonial DO’s house was burned to ashes when he stood against the residents.

by Tapang Ivo Tanku .

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