Cameroon:PM Yang told to visit Douala and Limbe

Left to right Philemon Yang,Cavage,Ntiat,paul Biya

Cameroon’s Prime Minister is expected this week to visit Douala (Littoral) Sangmélima (South) and Limbe (south-west) to proceed with the inauguration of the vocational training centers.

The country currently has four vocational training centers of excellence in Douala and Edea (Littoral), Limbe (Southwest), Sangmélima in the southern region respectively.

These centers of excellence for vocational training were born after admission of failure of the current system by government.

It is expected that the vocational training centers for excellence should provide about 200 000 people trained and ready to self employ or be employed on the job market each year.

The Training centers which currently offers 35 000 places nationwide main goal according to the ministry is to reduce the number of unemployed Cameroonians, estimated at least 4 million, about 23.7 million inhabitants (2015 estimate) and with a workforce of approximately 9 4 million people.


Note:Following the current Anglophone crisis in English-speaking Cameroon reports revealed that even the PM Philemon Ebua Yang himself an Anglophone, is just a messager of the CPDM government of Biya. Even family members confirm Yang has never taken a decision since becoming PM. he is always been instructed at times by his sub- ordinates.
By Elad Pride 



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