Cameroon:”Power Drunk” Biya failed arresting Pa LITUMBE this morning

 Mola Njoh Litumbe

90years old PA MOLA NJOH LITUMBE pictured above says the way an attempt to arrest him  in Buea,a post on his facebook said so.

It reads “The forces of barbarism and oppression have surrounded my compound in Buea, trying to arrest or kill me.
I was not at home but that the forces of the Barbaric Empire of La Republique du Cameroun are still around my house trying to arrest or kill me.
This should never be allowed by the civilized world. Spread this information to the whole world. Share as much as you can.”

Described by justice Ayah Paul Abine as a SPARTAN, Pa Mola is a peaceful and influential politician in Cameroon as well as the Secretary General of the Bakweri Land Claims Committee (BLCC).

A symbol of the Southern Cameroons identity,He has always stood firm to the Anglophone struggle, using very simple examples to explain facts. has attached One of Pa Mola LITUMBE videos on the Southern Cameroons struggle.



By Hillman Muntang

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