Cameroon:Scandal between Samuel Eto’o and Alex Song

It is about a woman and it is a threat to be taken seriously ,coming from midfielder Alexandre Song.

 Alexandre Song.

Former  Arsenal fc, Barcelona fc, ​​and West Ham  football who has  finally signed a contract with a Russian club, the Rubin Kazan has issued threats to former team mate Samuel Eto’o in a new scandal about his wife.

In a relationship that is already tense because Alex Song and legendary Samuel Eto’o have always been allogahead and have only had conflicting relationships, whether in locker rooms, in the national team or outside the stadium, the current situation has just aggravated it. In an audio that has gone viral on social media Eto’o is alleged to be canvassing, Alexandre Song who bracks that the former captain of the Indomitable Lions fanncies his wife.

Without directly quoting the name of Samuel Eto’o, Song rants that “If he has the balls, he should take his phone, sends a message to his wife, or writes to him through Instagram “..

“Anyway, I have no problem,” says Alex Song. And to continue: “even if  David is send to talk to my wife, they are not my problems. They are employees, I do not want them, but I only only tell the person who sent them that if he has the balls, let him takes his phone, he sends a message to my wife wherever he goes or Write to her by Instagram. ”

Song continues  his provocation more beautifully: “As he says he is strong and is King Kong, let him just write to my wife. I’m not joking. He knows me. I am not afraid of him. If he has balls, I will show him that I have balls. I ‘m going to box him in public, I’ll eat him in front of the people, I will give him punches to show him that I’m…….. ‘.

Rubin Kazan’s midfielder further  criticized the  Antalyaspor’s star striker for sending out emissaries to his wife, Olivia Song.

Eto’o is yet to respond but ,In the days to come,this story risks being constantly in the spotlight, if a solution between the two Cameroonian international is not found.

Below is Alexandre Song’s audio





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