Cameroon:SDF Alarmed By Militarisation Of Buea

Photo- Cameroon’s main opposition party militants celebrating 25th anniversary
Kwendi, Buea SDF District Chair

Kwendi, Buea SDF District Chair

The Buea Electoral District of the SDF party, alarmed by the recent militarisation of Buea, has said: “Government should stop the brutalities and solve the Anglophone Problem once and for all.”

In a tersely written communiqué, SDF District Chairman, Johnson Kwendi Tayong, said; “Buea, the chief town of former Southern Cameroons has, out of a sudden, in recent days, been made to appear like a war zone.”

The communiqué stated that that increase in the number of armed men has made people to live in fear. The Buea SDF District Chair holds that the trouble all started when the Governor of the Southwest Region brought in “strange police who came to confront lawyers”.

Kwendi decried the fact that lawyers were chased from their chambers and homes and beaten like criminals.

“These are gentlemen who could have been attended to by the head of the Legal Department in Buea or the Governor,” Kwendi said, maintaining that: “It is unheard of that police beat up lawyers with batons in this peaceful Anglophone town which had a government before unification.”

The SDF District Chair noted that the climax of the brutalities came on Monday November 28, when “the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea could not amicably solve students’ problems.”

He regretted that students who were initially summoned for tests were beaten away from their campus, chased into Molyko and to homes where their rooms were ransacked. This resulted in damage of property as well as left many wounded.

“Even after beating and wounding students, the students were not taken to hospitals to be treated, but instead ferried to police and gendarme offices for more beating and questioning,” noted Kwendi, adding that, from the old GCE Board Junction to the Total Petrol Station after UB Entrance, armed men were lined up on both sides of the roads in great numbers as if there was a Guard of Honour.

“If police could chase students from UB through Molyko to near Bokwai and Bwitingi (outskirts of Buea) only to catch them, then something is seriously wrong,” said Kwendi.



Source :Cameroonpostline


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