Cameroon: SDF calls for a National conference

John Fru Ndi SDF

The Senators and the MPs of this political formation also walked. For them the riots of Bamenda and the other street demonstrations are the consequence of the dilatory and the refusal to negotiate hierarchs of the CPDM.

This is information that relays the newspaper Le Jour on November 29, 2016. All parliamentarians of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) left the Chamber on 28 November in full budget. They decided to visit the city of Bamenda North West Region, pointing out in passing that the interests of their voters are threatened. These parliamentarians of the SDF who also walked think that the riots of Bamenda and the other demonstrations of the street are “the consequence of the dilatory and the refusal to negotiate hierarchs of the CPDM“. They are calling for a national conference. That was clearly indicated on their placards.

No to violence at demonstrations“, “Federalism is the only solution“, “the Anglophone problem is real in Cameroon“, one could read on placards carried by these elected representatives of the people from all corners of Cameroon. Speaking to the 1,000 people gathered, they clearly demanded by the voice of the PM Tchinda Fobi, MP of the constituency of Bamenda, the convocation of a national dialogue: “we ask for a national conference for the Anglophone problem in Cameroon” Wrote Le Jour.

On November 27-29, 2016, they told Marcel Niat Njifenji, President of the Senate, and Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, President of the National Assembly, to “apprehend the major grievances of the people“. The newspaper Le Jour reports that Jean Tsomelou and Joseph Lukong Banadzem who signed the discharge letter, respectively as chairman of the SDF parliamentary group in the Senate and the National Assembly, explain the need for a “descent on the ground ( …) in order to follow up on us, in full knowledge of the facts “. On the spot, they chose to force the Government’s hand. After “exchanges nourished with the Governor of the Northwest“.

Le Jour says that the parliamentarians joined by other elected members of the party with the fist raised took the direction of the Bamenda Grand Stand, to hold a meeting with the Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, in the presence of the authorities.


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