Cameroon:SDF Chairman demands Federalism at the Unity Palace

photo-SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi at Unity Palace 08/02/2017

The Leading Opposition Party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party in Cameroon has oncemore stood firm on its demands for Federation in Cameroon. The call was made in a televised interview granted by the chairman of the party, H.E. John Fru Ndi at the ceremony to welcome the victorious Indomitable Lions at the Unity Palace in Yaoundé.

In very firm words, he called for an immediate stop to the dehumanizing treatment of West Cameroonians by the military forces of La Republic du Cameroun. Fru Ndi equally revealed that these forces have engaged on a money-making business of arbitrarily arresting innocent Anglophones and charging exhorbitant sums for their release. In a direct exchange with some victims who to remain anonymous our reporter gathered that famillies who are unable or unwilling to pay these huge sums (up to 200,000 FCFA) are immediately transferred to the Yaoundé Central Prison, where they are charged with unfounded allegations meriting the death penalty or life sentences. These well-ochestrated evil deeds of Biya’s forces of (dis)order in West Cameroon are persistently being carried out under the watchful eyes of appointed governors like Okalia Bilai (South West) and Lele l’Afrique (North West) who take the pride of place to propagate such acts and are quicker to proclaim that they know nothing about these flagrant human right violations.

Not wanting to leave any issue unattended to, the SDF chairman further rebuked the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary for denying the existence of the Anglophone Problem and told the government spokesperson not to meddle in affairs for which his knowledge is so limited. Even as he refered to Cameroon’s skipper, Fabrice Ondoua who dedicated the Team’s success at the African Nations Cup to All Anglophones, he lamented that the ‘Lions’ age mates are being shot’ in the North and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Fru Ndi could not finish hjis interview without suggesting that the failure of the Head of State to engage franck dialogue with the true Anglophone representatives accounts for the persistent ghost-towns which have all the necessary ingredients to spiral into more dreadful demands in the weeks ahead.
Watch the SDF Chairman speak in the Video below.

by Hansel K. Tanteh

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