CAMEROON:SEC. & BASIC EDUCATION MINISTERS ANGRILY LEAVE BAMENDA AFTER FAILING TO CONVINCE TEACHERS & STUDENTS TO RESUME SCHOOL TODAY. is getting reports that the minister of secondary and basic education of Cameroon has angrily left the regional headquarters of the North West region of Bamenda . According to his program announced on the first day of the planned visit to the NW,minister Jean Ernest Ngale Bibehe was to have  a six day stay here in Bamenda but unfortunately He has spent just three.

During the six days,the minister was expected to visit some schools in Mezam,Bui,Ngohketunjia and Momo divisions today Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday before taking off.

But because he along side Basic Education minister Alim Adjidja nee Youssouf have not been able to convince parents and teachers to send their children to school,both ministers had to take off for the nations capital Yaounde even without inaugurating some structures under the secondary education ministerial department in Bamenda as planned.

The two ministers left Ayaba Hotel Monday the 9th of January shortly after noon en-route to Yaounde where they are expected to unite with two Anglophone sell outs Ministers Philip Ngole Ngwese and Elung Paul after their failed trip to Bangem to bribe buy the consciences of West Cameroonians .While in  Bangem the two divided money, the people took the money, ate and stood with the people’s fight.




Today’ s ghost town called by the Anglophone consortium according to reports has been effective  through out Southern Cameroon ,a signal  that the entire Anglophone population is united in their struggle.Early report to news desk confirm a 100% effective ghost towns that swept across villages in Anglophone Cameroon.With businesses, lay private and mission schools all closed till further notice.

CPDM elites failed in Menchum,Fungom,Esu ,Ndu, Mamfe, kumba ,Ekondo titi ,Buea,limbe and other parts of Ambazonia where reports say the pupils, students,teachers,parents,etc took the responsibility to ensure there is no school today.

By Edomnd Tambe


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