Cameroon:Similarities between Pondi & Marafa writeups on the Southern Cameroons problem by Maurice Martin

The recent writeups of Professor Jean Emmanuel Pondi and former alia of President Paul Biya -Marafa Amidou Yayah have some striking similarities in terms of their proposals to solve the Anglophone problem.

The two who have for decades occupied various positions in the government very particular to the history of French and English speaking Cameroon, all admitted that the Anglophone problem is real and very much alive and that it’s a systematic sickness inflicted to Anglos to abolish their force and relegate them to the background.

The problem of Cameroon West of the mungo is far more than  what Mr Biya termed a few years ago as “inertia”.

Firstly,Pondi and Marafa, from the Francophone background are also part of the click who contributed heavily in the marginalization process of the Anglophones,Both accepted that there’s very much an Anglophone problem in Cameroon.
The second similarity that caught my attention in the two letters is the their proposals to solve the problem of Cameroonians of English speaking decent :-
Both letters seek solutions from what they called “Effective Decentralization”.
My very first worry is the word “effective” meaning that the kind of injustices that had existed in the country in terms of Decentralization was a smoke screen and by its self they knew from day one that it was never effective at all.

Prof Jean Emmanuel Pondi


Moreover, Pondi in his write up says the Anglophone seeking a divide will only lead to wars, citing  the Rwanda genocide, Sudanese and Biafra as bad omens lineup for Southern Cameroons of the future (if there be a separation).

It is my hope that this examples by Pondi should only be part of the thesis and not his prayers to the Anglophone course. By his examples, I think he is simply telling the world, West Cameroon included that La Republique du Cameroun (the rogue regime) will fight to what ever it takes for former British Cameroon never to breathe new air of freedom of what will soon be call the newest nation in the world after South Sudan.
The Anglophone problem in Cameroon existed for 5 decades, although those at the corridor of power refutes that there are problems by attempting to define who is an Anglophone.
My attempt to answer is that the Anglophones are more of a blood line of West Cameroon from at least 2 generations.


Sending your child in a bilingual school to make a person an Anglophone as claim by communication Minister or better still ‘the regimes song bird ‘ Issa Chiruma Bakary is a mockery to the defined people of English-speaking Cameroon .

The “Anglophones” Southern Cameroons or former West Cameroon have a different view of things because of their education, history, cultural background and inheritance just to mention a few.

The Anglophone embrace Anglo-Saxon educational system and are legally groom on common law and abide more to a parliamentary system of governance.
Moreover, when Jean Emmanuel Pondi was IRIC’s director, he systematically ejected Anglophones from that institution intentionally or otherwise sidelining the future Anglophone work force to remain servants in the few areas they manage to occupy today.




Marafa Amidou Yayah
Marafa Amidou Yayah was Minister of Territorial Administration in charge of Decentralization: during his Time at the helm,he initiated the smoke screen of what is decentralization today.

In his recent write-up, he also used the word ‘effective’, meaning that all those who have been in the system over the years are schooled of the master plan of what has built up to the mess of the Anglos today.

But today, he has been cage in his very drag net that he created for his political opponents. He in many cases has told the world at large how he acted (Cheating of elections, intimidation etc) in many cases to grant illegal victory to Biya. I think by this confession(s) alone, Marafa has lost legitimacy to propose a way forward for the very Anglophone problem he master minded and relegated to the background. By the way, the former minister currently in prison needs a certificate of non-conviction to talk matters of national unity.





Lastly, the Anglos so far have endure enough and finally exploded and living the regime at uncomfortable condition.
The regime has use all its old tactics to silence the situation to no avail. Even the metallic box called CRTV, using tax payers money has not been able to defuse the situation with its huge millions of lies.
The regime and its cohorts had systematically kill the Anglophone regions to live us at the mercy of crumbs from Yaounde if not let them tell us ;-where is our Marketing Board, Coffee and Coacoa board, Wada, our late Yoke electricity dam?
-Why should the country be spending billions building dams upon dams while a single Menchum dam could supply the whole country and even part of the continent?
-Why was the Limbe Deep Sea Port over night transferred to Kribi and up till date no clarification has been granted on them?
-Why was the Wharf in Tiko neglected after the collaps of the Moungo bridge by transferring Banana from Tiko through Loum and back to Douala?Given that the tiny Douala port cannot handle big ships anchor until sand is consistently evacuated from it at most every fourth night?

In the bible, we are told how Herod in his desperate attempt to cling to power sensed the birth of a Liberator (Jesus Christ) and ordered that all children be killed, but unfortunately “God’s foolishness is wiser that any human wisdom”. Can we not say then that “Social Media” is our liberator of the 21st century while old gangster still believe on guns, sticks etc in a desperate attempt? “The pen is mightier than the gun”
In victory we shall no longer sit in for proficiency tests and certificate verifications when seeking to study in anglo-Saxon universities home or abroad as we shall finally be in control of our education system and our students will gain admissions based on their output and not tribal links or god fatherism as is the case today.
To solve this problem amicable:
• Jean Emmanuel Pondo and Marafa must also write to the government telling that the Anglos are not calling for war, they are simply calling for dialogue and the government in its effort must show goodwill. Remind the government that both teachers and lawyers had their complain files in their tables since 2015.
• The government must first of all admit that there is a problem and that the Anglophone Cameroon are “a people” under international law.
• The government must prove that any solution arrived at must be permanent to the satisfactory of every one, main reason why we stand on Federalism.
• The government must proves that the Anglophone are a people and have the right to their Culture, Education system.
• The Government must show genuity in the employment process in all sectors be it the Army, Police, Civil / Public service / Parral Statals.
“There is light at the end of a dark tunnel”

By Maurice Martin Yuhs

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