Cameroon:Surgical department of the regional hospital Bamenda on strike.

Bamenda regional hospital

Surgical department of the regional hospital Bamenda on strike link to marginalization of Anglophones in Cameroon according to news reaching

The reports says the major surgical equipment in the Hospital got bad and since the surgeons and theatre attendants complained over and again.The LA republic Administrator in the name of Director of the hospital claimed much money is needed to maintain the machines and this has lead to a shutdown of the theatre at Regional Hospital in Bamenda.


All patients in need of surgical attention in this so called “reference Hospital” are stranded.A source who is a victim is reported to have said”My sister suffered from difficult labour on the 29 of December,2016 in this Hospital and needed operation which could not be done until 11:00am that I forcefully took her to St Mary where immediate surgical attention was paid and my sister and the baby are safe.”




Ealier today Patrick limen had question about the surgical department of the regional hospital bamenda in a facebook post after he received calls messages on the news..

“My source at the hospital said “the autoclave that’s the machine use to sterilise equipments got bad.All the three got bad and the hospital is not willing to repair it. So the director is not willing to repair it so the workers have closed the unit temporary” To quote her words

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