Cameroon:Talks stall in Bamenda

John Mbah Akuroh, Emeritus CRTV veteran Journalist reports :
“Talks stall in Bamenda as government bench reportedly is concentrating only on seeing the strike suspended immediately without the materialization of any of the promises made so far as concessions. Right now it is cacophony in the hall with Unionists sticking to their guns! Stay glued for more updates soon…..”. source in Bamenda adds that the teachers Trade Union Leaders have insisted on the release arrested Anglophone children or  their corpses. Choosing between federation and separation has been another stumbling block for the government team and Fame Ndongo has insisted he wants to solve but all educational problem which  the teachers represtatives deem as another divide and rule strategy.

The population outside the Governor’s office lubbied to the leaders that the teachers, lawyers and the civil society are now one and indivisible.

Stay tuned .

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