Cameroon:”The Attack on SHC Mankon for Atanga Nji’s child was a missed identity “-A father’s plea. has been in formed that the attack on Secret heart college college Mankon by angry youths in Bamenda on the December 8, 2016  was a missed identity according to the family of the student in question.

Reliable sources from Sacred Heart College Mankon state that the Honourable Minister of State Paul Nji Atanga does not have any son in Sacred Heart College Mankon,according to Atanga Belmondo Achiri.

In an  public plea Dr. Pascal Nji Atanga father of the form one student Abonkwe Princely Njiatanga makes an officially disclaimer of a missed identity; attached Dr.Nji’s plea.



Abonkwe Princely Njiatanga


“The Child in form one East Abonkwe Princely Njiatanga is my son and has no biological relationship with the Honourable Minister. He was born and bred in Buea where I live and work. The names Atanga and Nji are common names of the Nguemba tribe. My name is Pascal Nji Atanga and I am a medical doctor. My father’s name is Moses Anye Atanga. So the name Njiatanga that this child bears is a combined name because of his father’s name Nji and the grand father’s name Atanga. All my other children bear this name some combined and others separated just like Faith Alieh Nji Atanga of form two A of Saker Baptist College Limbe.

We are of the Atanga Tabahs’ family of Mankon while to the best of my knowledge the Honourable Minister hails from Akum, Santa Sub-division. We therefore, share no biological relationship.

See attached Abonkwe Princely Njiatanga in Sacred Heart College with his parents Dr. Pascal Nji Atanga and his Mother Ndifor Martha Lum esp. Nji. Please share this with as many contacts as possible. We love you all. Have a blessed and prosperous new year, 2017.”From the Atanga’s of Buea.

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