Cameroon:The Government intrigues to the Anglophone Problem

In the same usual manner for over half a century now, the regime has used intrigues and intimidation to provide solution to pertinent problem of national interest that has always been raised by its citizenry. Still using the same techniques for over  five  decades the older folks however failed to understood that time is a factor and that older forms of doing things have been long replaced by the nowadays technological development of the 21st century. In the older days, guns and wail voices were being used at the war front, but today, “cyber warfare” and netizenry have become a phenomena, reason why the government calling Anglophones ‘insignificant minority’ could not hide her tears and loud cry while hid by a single blow of the social media.
In a desperate attempt to shield its battered image, bags of money and the largest numbers of official ever from Yaounde crisscross the Anglophone zones desperately to mute at whatever cost distress voices of the marginalized Anglophones.
At the crucial moment when the country is face with the fierce fight of Boko Haram in the Northern part of the country, the authority for their selfish ego prefer to send more troops to confront peaceful protesters whose only weapons are their distress voices crying for freedom of oppression and whose only weapon is the social media.
Those who seemingly called themselves the “Significant majority” (ruling class) failed to understood that (the Anglophone) “insignificant minority” (as defined by the Minister of communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary) dose not also seemingly understand that We are a people with rights to self determination.
We are not a tribe. International law recognizes all people of the former British Cameroon as “a people”.
But however, to those who keep promoting the idea that the Anglophones are a tribe, facing similar problems of other tribes like any other eg Bamelikis, Bettis, Bassa etc, I shall here raised my head tall in this very light to conclude the following:-
We are the only tribe that ever had
⦁ A Constitution
⦁ A functional parliament
⦁ A Prime Minister etc (just to name a few) Is this not great?





The very first and best way solve any problem as per my little knowledge of conflict resolution is to Recognized the problem exist. Once this is not done any form of attempt to locate a solution shall forever remain cosmetic and a time bomb.
The President and his allies has term the Anglos as Boko Harams, extremists etc the very extremist he is channeling groups to meet in a desperate attempt of a 99% successful ghost town that proved that Yaounde lost all legitimacy of the former British Cameroon now newly Baptist Ambazonia.
As a conclusion: A stitch in time safe nine reason why the regime must in truth and faith adhere to all the Consortiums calls and beg for cleansing through penance. Any failure in this I see nothing rather than (1). Conspiracy (2). Revolution. One of this will lead to another that shall forever silence all wailing voices.

by Maurice Martin Yuh
Analytical Thinker

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