Cameroon:The Mayor of Buea persists in unorthodox schemes against his municipality

Patrick Ekema, Mayor of Buea urban council .

The indisciplined Governor of the South West Region and the insensitive Mayor of Buea Council are desperate to see the participation of schools on Saturday 11th of February Plebiscite day.

Reports reaching our News Desk reveal that mayor Ekema has connived with a business publicity guru, named Bony Dashaco who just donated 10millions FCFA cash to the Mayor to share to schools that will turnout to march. They have equally organised to pay youths from neighbouring towns Douala to march in Buea.

This treacherous act is being backed by the imperial Yaounde-appointed governor who officially termed West Cameroonians as “Boko Haram” in order to justify the rape, abduction and other atrocities committed by forces under his command.

It should be noted that since the start of the strike in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, Ekema has shamelessly identified himself with the likes of Atanga Nji Paul and Mafany Musonge whom the people have labelled as traitors and are earnestly seeking to have their pound of flesh.

With these continuous acts of state terror against the population, the people have opted to remain indoors and observe ghost towns in order to protect their lives. news desk

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