Cameroon:The old generation must give way- Buea Mayor

The Buea Mayor, Patrick Ekema, is aware of the challenges ahead of him to assert his person and personality in the face of mounting challenges raised by what he terms tired, old-fashioned and unrepentant older generation.

In Buea during the SWELA SG, Moki Joseph’s, press conference, the Lord Mayor defined three generations namely the ousted, the wasted and the hopeful which are ruling Cameroon.

On the three generations, Mayor Patrick Ekema saw himself as the sacrificial lamp but warned that time is on the side of the youths who should be hopeful. He told the older generation to give way.

Family Accuses Mourners Of Murder

The dust raised by death of a teacher in Kumba is yet to settle as some uncanny declarations still fill the air. While the corpse was being displayed in the family yard, a senior family representative told the crowd of mourners that the deceased person was killed in Kumba by Kumba people. The declaration which caught everybody off-guard sparked fire in the vigil ground and tore the calm and serenity that had reigned and caused people to withdraw.

Fako Male School Administrators Described As Under-Achievers

Male school administrators and principals in Fako division have failed to impress the Divisional Delegation of Secondary Education. Following a sector conference for secondary education organised by the divisional delegation held in the seaside resort town of Limbe, the authorities of the delegation presented a finding of the stewardship of the school heads.

From the report, the female principals have proven that they are good managers and leaders. Though some critics challenged the report as being biased and motivated by favours from the weaker sex, others think that the ranking is in order. From the ranking, the order of merit stands as follows: GHS Motomboolombo, GBHS Tiko, GBHS Limbe, GHS Limbe and GBHS Bokwango-Buea.

Source:The Eden Newspaper

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