Some Cameroonians are wondering if this is true that the northwest has been cut off from the rest of Cameroon for weeks now. The road situation leading to northwest Bamenda-Bafoussam especially at Babajo, alafnet can confirm in fact it is hard to believe {see recent photos dated 22/08/2015 below}.FB_IMG_1440244128743FB_IMG_1440244149243FB_IMG_1440268403797FB_IMG_1440268411625FB_IMG_1440268420718FB_IMG_1440268428711FB_IMG_1440268450141i
And it is so disheartening that the government is reluctant to address the road situation to Bamenda which is an eloquent proof of maginalization.Those travelling to Bamenda still pay a fee of 500cfa at the toll gate., to add to this malaise the government is yet to say a word about the dilapidated road conditions .

One passenger lamented the fact that this road leads to one of the most important provinces/region of the country and it looks like a farm road? A journey of 5 hrs in now 18hrs and even more if you are lucky. This road has stayed the same for the past 33 of the CPDM government and the seemingly is no plan to upgrade it, Our president of Cameroon promised us development without doubt road brings development and sadly we have not had them for 33 years and CPDM has never stoped singing ’emergence en 2015′. He added.

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