Cameroon:The Supreme Court reacts to the arrest of Justice Ayah Paul Abine.

Justice Ayah Paul Abine.

The arrest of Ayah Paul Abine has touched the core of the Judicial body in Cameroon, the Supreme Court. According to these magistrates, the arbitrary arrest violates article 629 of the Penalty Procedural Code. Ayah Paul was arrested last Saturday by armed men and transported to (SED) where’s been detained. Multiple reports have it that Ayah is going through torture.

This is a huge violation of the law! And magistrates are not happy about it, Le Quotidien Emergence reports.

“I’m baffled. This arrest violates article 629 of the Penal Code.” Declares an adviser of the Supreme Court. This articles stipulates that only the president of the Supreme Court can give orders for his arrest.

“He’s arrested for expressing his opinion but when he was appointed at the supreme court, his political ideologies were well known. Why pretending now by his action? ” a magistrate at the Supreme Court expressed.

To them, it’s a clear indication that no one is safe. Their waiting for the reaction of the President of the Supreme Court


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