Cameroon:The Time When Youths Were Forced To March In Support of President Paul Biya

On March 10, 2011, secondary school students in the town of Garoua were forced by some politicians to march in support of the President of the Republic of Cameroon Paul Biya following his promise of 25,000 jobs to Youths.

From the look of things, one would’ve thought it was a powerful voluntary youth mobilization in support of the President of Cameroon.

The youths of Garoua were prematurely released from classes in the afternoon of Thursday, March 10, 2011, to take part in a planned march fomented by the regional office of the National Youth Council (NYC)of the NORTH.

Just as their counterparts in the Adamawa region who managed to rally fifty students of the University of Ngaoundere for the same illicit cause; it was a spectacular winning bet for the National Youth Council in the North to see the kids lined up along the banks of the Avenue des Banques of Garoua.

Many of these students had no say in the matter since they were pressured and forced by the school officials of their respective colleges/high schools and by some politicians.

Releases were read in the class rooms of various institutions in the town of Garoua requesting an interruption of classes on from noon to allow students to go home and change into civilian attire, then assemble at the Avenue des Banques of Garoua at 3.00 pm prompt for the march in support of President Paul Biya’s announcement of 25,000 jobs.

According to Mariamou Djida, student at the Technical High School in Garoua,

“I do not know why we’re here, its the supervisor who asked us to come,”.

As for Usman Bello of Cetic College,

“I expect them(school authorities) to tell us the purpose of our movement at the end of the march”.

After walking distances that paralyzed traffic in the town of Garoua, these students were received by the Secretary General of the Northern region’s Governor’s office who preached a message of peace. But to the surprise of all, students did not return home after the departure of the Secretary General.

Immediately after the SG’s sermon, school and college supervisors and principles came out of their hidings to make row calls. As one school authority threatened,

“All students who were absent will be punished tomorrow”.

In such a state of affairs, we witness the total manipulation and misappropriation of the energy, talents and potentials of the youths of Cameroon in favor of dictatorship. Today schools and colleges of Cameroon have become campaign grounds, instead of arenas for great transformation and positive thinking.

What generation is the government and the entire Regime training? Do they really care about the future of the present generation? Does the desire to cling onto power mean dashing out every sense of consciousness?

Will this fictitious campaigning benefit the entire nation or just a bunch of obese politicians who have sold their souls to the devil? What is the reason to teach civic education in schools when the same teachers and superintendents do not practice what they preach to the students? Many questions to be answered.


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