Cameroon:UB students still very traumatised

Photo of UB students battered by police in Buea

As things seem to look as if the unstable situation in Cameroon has died down, More and more youth especially University of Buea students are suffering from psychological trauma and unstable minds as they can’t figure out what their security and the future of their studies will be.


All this as a result of the disaster that occurred a few days ago when security forces turned the University campus of university of Buea and student hostels into a semi war zone flooded with police authorised to battered students who were on peacefully protesting on the award of Presidential grant of Excellence by Mr Biya which they are yet to receive .

Evidence of their current situation following the marshal law that rained in Buea can be seen in unseen unpleasant pictures that flood the internet daily as the one below of a female UB student photogrid_1480779104966










It should be noted that Some of the students in custody are yet to be released. Bernard okalia bilai the Governor of the Southwest Region who is responsible for giving orders is still on seat while the UB Vice-Chancellor, Dr Nalova Lyonga did nothing to  protect her students even as a mother.  Instead she called the police on campus.

There has been Numerous calls for these two to consider resigning.Because as  long as they remain in office ,the circle of a dark cloud which they have instilled in to the minds of students of the university of Buea and Cameroonians in the southwest region in general will never go away .

By Song Mudoh


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