Cameroon:UN High Commission for Human Rights calls for an investigation onPolice Repression Anglophone regions,

Police station at meta quaters in bamenda in burn by prtesters

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has asked the government of Cameroon to the opening an “independent” investigation into police violence in Bamenda during peaceful demonstrations on 8 December.

“We ask the government of Cameroon to ensure that an urgent independent and effective investigation on reports that the police used excessive force during a demonstration in Bamenda on 8 December in which four people were killed, “wrote Liz Throssell, spokesman for the high UN Commissioner for human rights.

Several cases of police violence were reported during the recent events that took place in English speaking regions.

Cameroon security forces are accused of using “excessive” force against unarmed peaceful demonstrators, protesting against the use of French in english speaking courts and schools.

The violence resulted in the death of several people. Government sources say two people died because of “unexplained” circumstances. But Community sources and eyewitnesses say four people were “killed by the police.”

The High Commissioner for Human Rights, asked the Cameroonian authorities to respect the international commitments made by Cameroon, in the respect of human rights.

24 hours before the UN demand,it was Amnesty International which called on the Cameroonian government to launch an “independent investigation” on the same complaints. ?



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